Our first priority is to get you RESULTS.

At Body By Beast, the science-based BBB Method (BBBM) has been created at the highest level (Olympic Games), over more than 20-years, by coaches that have one thing in common: we use validated, and scientifically-proven methods, and the principles of periodisation.

EVERYONE is qualified in Exercise Science to a Bachelor’s Degree level, and many of our team are Master’s degree graduates; making them very effective and deeply knowledgeable fitness coaches.



The BBBM method caters for all fitness levels, and the results speak for themselves. Many of our clients are prominent personalities - so their results do not go unnoticed. These include: Atiwara "Toon" Kongmalai from the band Bodyslam; the actress Aerin. Y.; Penika Jiranorraphat; Praya Lundberg; Rachwin Wong; Chermarm Boonyasak, and members of the Shah family, to name a few…


A recent comment from P’Toon, lead singer in the band BodySlam:

“… coming back from training with you after the long break, I can feel the difference during the show, which means I feel less tired and can control my tempo of breathing; to sing better, more powerfully; to focus more on each song, and feel relaxed in conversations with the audience during the show...”




Our method is proven to work, and our welcoming and encouraging coaches will create a program that is very specific for you, helping every person to achieve individualized results.

A fundamental part of the BBBM is a standardized assessment, which is displayed in such a way that it inspires increased motivation, friendly competition and an awareness of how people can improve whatever their level.

A huge opportunity for personal change and to reach your potential at any age and from any starting point! Join the best coaching and personal training team in Bangkok, call or email for more information.